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[ Friday August 5th 2005 @ 5:05pm]
i got a new journal...


add me <33

graduation baby [ Thursday June 9th 2005 @ 10:51am]
pissed that i didnt get to see everyone before i left! so here are just a few of the pics...

grad night babyCollapse )
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[ Tuesday June 7th 2005 @ 11:50am]

here are some of the pictures. im too lazy to load alll of them...


everything looks perfect from far awayCollapse )
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new [ Sunday May 22nd 2005 @ 8:07am]
[ mood | bored as crap ]

i got a new layout finally! lol

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dance recital [ Saturday May 14th 2005 @ 7:15am]
[ mood | cRAzy ]

the dance recital= amzing. it was only the funniest thing in the world. especially when laurel and i do are little shimmy haha. anyways, the first dance, we were all soooo nervous. but then it got really fun!

well im out


[ Friday May 6th 2005 @ 9:33pm]
[ mood | o0o baby ]

washington/virginia was cool

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hello [ Sunday April 24th 2005 @ 7:44am]
OMG friday was SOOO fun with andrews, sara, chelsea, and me at aprils house...we hung with todd and brian and saw albert and his friend then we hung with adam and his friends chris and brent ---> we went to dennys with them lol...april and i didnt eat...and the kid adam turned out to be an asswhole to everyone. so yeahhh. then i had passover, i went fishing with my g-pa lol. im a cool kid. and today i am going to some stupid europe thing - at least ree and steph will be there - then i am hanging with zach. it will be fun.
well i am going
later. ali
8 hugs

havnt updated [ Thursday April 21st 2005 @ 8:03pm]
[ mood | busy ]

wow i havnt updated in a while and so much has happened...but im too darn lazy to write...but april when those kids came up to us...youza...they were HOT...the 19 year old, 17 year old, 16 year old, and 15 year olds...the 15 year old was SOO nice but they all went back to NY : ( o yeah i really hope people to start to listen to our song april haha it is not the song that should get overated...but chelsea ORLANDO IS GOING TO BE THE SHIZ! cant wait
well im ganna go
later. ali


with chelsea [ Saturday April 2nd 2005 @ 7:03pm]
[ mood | scared of the homeless ]

im with chelsea...we did much. at first we walked to mcdonalds where we met three kids who THOUGHT they were hott...they thought the same of us ewww. then we walked to walgreens where we passes to guys who chelsea said were french and their g-pa. we then went into wings and tried on the b-suits and didnt get any! we then passed a mexi who drove past us with a kiss. then we passed a homeless church lady who said "god is here, god loves you" and staired at us without blinking the WHOLE way home. shes possesed. we came back and walked the beach. the sand was wet so we went to the hott, steamy pool. by the way CONGRATULATIONS TO CHELSEA DISKIN WHO GOT INTO HIP HOP KIDZ PROFESSIONALS! I NEW SHE WOULD! lol. we are we came back up and looked at who imed us and it was holli, by the way herbie sounds like a fungus. ew. we are now either ganna play pool with max or movies with everyone. OMG we cant forget the free doughnut. that crazy nuit gave me rasberry : ( and chelsea got a nice glazed mmmm... um then chelsea thought of how it would be like to be homeless and i scared her by saying that INSTANTLY "YOU WILL BE RAPED" and thank god for my advice because i made chelsea go from a bad choice to a MISTAKE THAT SHE WILL NEVER DO AND HOPEFULLY NEVER SAY AGAIN! haha. o yeah i want your mcdonalds bod haha chelsea. chubbers. all the obese go to mcdonalds

1. sat down and chelsea looked in her hamburger
2. saw shit that she didnt want and gave back to the guy who gave it to her first
3. got back her hamburger checking for a bad recipe : spit: which the 3 boys were yelling to do.
4. moved from ugly spencers table
6. a few billies were there
7. boys were on the playground yelling i love you and picking there teeth
8. i flicked them off for staring too long
9. we left

3 hugs

OMG [ Tuesday March 22nd 2005 @ 9:50pm]
[ mood | hyper ]

so were at dinner and im with my friends nicole and heather and my sis and bro...and there is this 17 - 18 year old sitting at the table next to us...and we see the 17 year walk over to my dad with his dad...but we didnt think anything of it...the next thing we know the 17 yea old walks over to my sis and nicole and says do u want to go to dinner tom. night...they obv. said yes cause he was REALLY hot lol...then in the car that night my dad said he had asked if he could take ME, nicole, and my sis but my dad had said no to me cause i was too young :-\...lol how weird is that? yeah we had a great time at dinner drawing on the table lol...o yeah this is my chool logo...and your to fucking BLONDE lol...can i have a broom to show them my talented skills? lol ... dont worry that guy is an asshole lol...the bathroom is really dark ---> as i enter i see the light switch! ahha...then we were walking to the car and we see the penis drawn on the dirty window so my bro goes ahead and draws a naked women next to it saying "it looks more creative" lol...that was a great night and i cant even write all the insides lol

4 hugs

heather is over [ Tuesday March 22nd 2005 @ 5:56pm]
[ mood | retarted! ]

heather from camp is over! yay! were ganna have fun with nicole, my brother, my sister and yeah! o yeah then we might go to the movies after dinner!
later. ali


nighty [ Tuesday March 22nd 2005 @ 6:57am]
[ mood | flirtyy ]

last night was funn...i met up with riley...we went to the movies...did some stuff lol...now im home cause he left...and my brother had to be annoying as usual ; )... well im going to the movies with heather tommorow night...it will be funn...i havnt seen her in forever lol except for on the plane which WAS WEIRD! ok well im ganna go
later. ali

3 hugs

hiya hott stuff [ Monday March 21st 2005 @ 8:29am]
[ mood | errrrrrr ]

hey...im freezing right now and my stupid parents are making me skii :( how upsetting...this was the one break i actually wanted to get a tan...lol...i need one
well im ganna go cause i am bored
later. ali

2 hugs

silly [ Sunday March 20th 2005 @ 6:38am]
[ mood | its freezing ]

im up really early and i dont know why...last night was sooo funny with zach, jake, sam, spencer and riley...can i get a chicken fajita(family guy)lol...*kiss* that was random---> it says kiss me on your phone lol riley i love you...hehe...is that how you do it in your family-->ali what are you dilng tonight lol jake
well im ganna go
later. ali


in utah [ Saturday March 19th 2005 @ 10:58am]
[ mood | bored ]

im in utah right now and im REALLY bored...when i was on the plane i saw my camp friend heather, and aprils camp friend that she hates! HOW ODD..lol well right now my computer is like really slow...no1 came up to utah im so madd : ( well anyways, im so new at this... i need some friends on this thing...i dont know how it works though...w.e.

1 hugs

weekend [ Thursday March 17th 2005 @ 8:51pm]
hey hey...its MY first time writting in this...lol...well this weekend was sooo funn...on friday i went home with the apster...we went to mcdonalds...then aprils sister's boyfriend. yeah thats right...took us to OURTOWN where we met up with sharone, jamie and raquel... after they left we met up with sean and brennan(who is EXTREMLY hott)...then when they left we had to wait for like an hour or two for her sister to pick us back up...when we got home we went on aim and then fell asleep...the next day we were about to go to the rennasance with zach but then i got in trouble for riding in a teens car when i wasnt meant to : (...yeah for once i was wrong...hehe..then we all went home
well later. ali
2 hugs

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